Quality Canning for Generations

For more than 60 years, the Packer family has processed and canned fruits and vegetables with a commitment to delicious taste, texture and quality.

In 1943, Packers Canning Company was founded with the help of Ronald O. Packer. Working along side his wife, Gwen, they offered maple syrup, jams and jellies under the name of Honee Bear Canning. The sweet success of Honee Bear Canning soon allowed the Packer family to expand their product line to include canned cherries, plums, peaches and asparagus.

Ronald and Gwen’s sons, Bob and Duane, played an active part in the family business at a young age. When Bob transitioned into his father’s leadership role, Packers Canning Company continued to grow. Under Bob’s direction, not only were new items added to the product line, but demand for their canned goods grew across the country and around the world. As exports became a strong part of the family business, Honee Bear Canning developed a management team and expanded its facilities.

The continued success and quest for quality at Packers Canning Company was passed down to the next generation. Bob’s son, Steve Packer, is the current President of Packers Canning Company and Honee Bear Canning. Today, export sales continue to increase in foreign markets. Additional facility expansions allow Honee Bear to not only pack its own products, but to co-pack for major national brands around the world.

More than 60 years after its founding, Honee Bear Canning continues to operate with strong family values. As of 2010, Steve’s daughter Stephanie – a fourth-generation member of the Packer family – is a welcome addition to the management team.

At Honee Bear Canning, we honor our past as we look forward to future growth and success.