Packing local foods at their peak ripeness, Packers Canning means quality.

Packers Canning Company – also known as Honee Bear Canning – specializes in the production of private-label canned goods. Our growing list of quality products are packed at the peak of their flavor, with an emphasis on great taste and texture.

Asparagus Cuts and Tips
Asparagus Spears
Red Tart Pitted Cherries
Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries
Sliced White Potatoes
Whole White Potatoes
Skin on Yellow Potatoes
Skin on Yellow Potatoes with Jalapeno
Skin on Yellow Potatoes with Onions and Peppers
Pie Fillings (Cherry, Apple and Blueberry)
Pickled Asparagus (Original, Jalapeno and Fire Stix)
Dry Edible Beans

In addition to our private label business, we specialize in co-packing for multiple national brands. Our items are available in both retail and food-service sizes.